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The Fleet
One of the most effective means of achieving the results sought by our clients is through the development of strategic channel partners. Health Care Strategies, Inc. has established such partnerships on behalf of our clients, representing a footprint in the marketplace of more than 2,000 hospitals. 

Our channel partners are “The Fleet,” and we like to think that is what makes us The Mother Ship.

CareMedic SystemsCareMedic Systems, Inc.

CareMedic provides high value end-to-end solutions that streamline cash flow and speed the reimbursement process, helping customers manage the complexity of the revenue cycle to increase their bottom lines. The company provides services to customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and has offices in St. Petersburg, FL, Alpharetta, GA and Decatur, GA. CareMedic’s technology is implemented in more than 1,500 hospitals and provider organizations across the United States.

CareMedic exclusively provides quality education at affordable prices to the medical coding and billing arenas. Its experienced authors average over 25 years of medical coding and billing experience.

HIS Financial ServicesHSI Financial Services, LLC

HSI Financial Services, LLC (HSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Healthcare Management Services and VHA Georgia. HSI's main focus is to provide AR management and collection services to members and other health organizations at competitive rates. HSI was established in 1984 and has since served hospitals and affiliated physicians with phenomenal results.

Healthcare Payment SpecialistsHealthcare Payment Specialists, Inc.

Healthcare Payment Specialists, Inc. ("HPS") is a payment advisory firm that specializes in government reimbursement issues. HPS has worked with healthcare providers in all 50 states and has a 98% success rate in recovering additional reimbursement for its clients. Operations for HPS are based in Fort Worth, TX. Satellite sales offices are located in Orange County, CA and Orlando, FL.

VHAVHA: VHA Central Atlantic and VHA Upper Midwest

VHA provides supply chain management, helping member hospitals provide high quality, cost effective health care. VHA is committed to helping members achieve Best Performer status with smart financial strategies and high-impact clinical improvement programs.