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The healthcare industry is technologically, politically and financially diverse, and the tides are always changing. Charting the right course can be difficult for companies trying to address the needs of the marketplace, especially those with new products or services to take to market or those without sufficient internal sales and marketing support.

Healthcare Strategies, Inc. combines internal resources with a network of client companies and channel partners that currently provide services to over 2000 hospitals nationwide. As a result, we are able to guide marketing management and business development efforts for our clients - select revenue cycle service providers who need to reach the hospital and healthcare system industry. The results are often an impressive “jump start” to obtaining market share.

As an example, Health Care Strategies recently tallied its 300th hospital client for MCare Solutions, Inc., taking MCare from start-up to market leader in less than three years, and with a distribution network now established to maintain and grow that leadership position. And, we're rolling out a new service line for them that promises even better results for client hospitals.

If you would like to discuss charting your next course with Health Care Strategies, contact us anytime.

Alright… now that we have established the “water/navigation/boating” motif, I would like to share the real story about the company and why we do what we do so well when we do what it is that we do. The short version is that I have managed to survive and enjoy thirty-plus years of providing revenue cycle management services to the health care industry… either running the companies that provided the services or their sales and marketing organizations. During that time, I discovered that sales and marketing was more about discovering what people truly valued for their personal and professional lives, and then trying to help them accomplish some of those goals. The end result, more often than not, was a great deal of mutual satisfaction from the accomplishments. Professional trust and credibility evolved into some great friendships over the years.

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